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We're not just making a movie;

We're making a difference.

We believe well-told stories have the power to touch people in ways that have lasting impact.


More than 23 million people in the U.S. alone struggle with some form of addiction. We're partnering with leaders in the addiction treatment field - because we believe this story will not only appeal to general audiences, but also make a real difference in the lives of many who suffer.

Frances Brisbane
Ph.D., M.S.W.

"Practically everyone knows somebody who suffers from addiction. Unlike other illnesses, addiction destroys not only those afflicted, but the lives of people around them – quite often those who love the addict most. What makes Turning Two refreshing is that these relationships, rather than the addiction itself, are front and center. The real goal of addiction treatment, whether via therapeutic communities, individual addiction counseling, and/or mutual aid fellowships is not to simply ‘get someone sober,’ but rather to help addicts recover a sense of valued identity, belonging and personal purpose – and thus make drug or alcohol abuse no longer necessary. Turning Two goes beyond the surface behavior of substance abuse, and delves into not only the deeper causes, but the substantial shifts that must occur for addicts to truly change."

“In the classroom, treatment center, or home setting, Turning Two promises to be a valuable resource for launching discussions around alcohol and drug use.  The story is not a preachy one; rather, the subtle message about the devastation of addiction is woven throughout the script. That means the film will be valuable as a starting point to engage adolescent and adult clients in a variety of educational and therapeutic settings. Resources like this can open the door to some of the most difficult issues facing young people and adults today.  I am excited to be involved in the development of a comprehensive discussion guide that will accompany the film, for use in such settings. I believe Turning Two will be a great resource for teachers, addictions counselors, social workers, and medical professionals.”

 Do you work in the field of addiction?

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