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Jim’s original screenplay Turning Two was the grand prize winner in the 2012 Shoot In Philadelphia Screenwriting Competition, after being selected as a finalist in two other screenwriting competitions.


He wrote, directed, and executive produced the concept trailer based on the award-winning script, and successfully crowd-funded $10,000 in 2014. He also designed the film’s website, and is the chief architect behind the project’s business plan.


Jim's filmmaking credits have been largely short form content, including corporate website content and music videos; he is excited to have Turning Two be his first directorial feature. His deep understanding of character-driven narrative comes from his master’s degree in English literature and almost two decades of experience as an educator prior to launching his filmmaking career.


Jim is also our liaison with professional consultants in the field of addiction, as we pursue the film’s social mission.



John's work on the feature film The Forest is Red earned him Best Cinematographer at the Avanca International Film Festival. More recently, he captured the top cinematographer award at the NOVA Film Festival for his work on Leaves of the Tree, starring Armand Assante and Sean Young. 


He loves working with natural lighting, especially for gritty urban tales like Turning Two. Working with director Jim Malone, he has been exploring locations to develop a visual language for the film. Check out the teaser trailer he shot to help us raise development funds. 


John strives to apply his technical experience and personal knowledge of storytelling, lighting, movement, and composition to not only create beautiful images, but ones that always serve the story best.  


Check out his site for a look at his narrative and commercial reels:

Schmidt DP photo.jpg


Casting Director

Judy Henderson has been honored by The Ross Reports as one of the top 20 US Film Casting Directors. Highlights include:  EMMY AWARD – Outstanding Casting in a Drama Series.  4 ARTIOS AWARDS – Outstanding Achievement TV Series and Theatre Drama Casting. ARTIOS nomination for Independent Film Feature Casting, and 8 ARTIOS nominations for Off Broadway Theatre Drama Casting. She has cast innumerable national on-camera and voice-over television commercials. She is a member of the Casting Society of America and Local 817 of the Teamsters Theatrical Union. Select Film credits include "Before Midnight," "Paranormal 2," "12 and Holding," "L.I.E." (6 Independent Spirit Award Nominations, Winner of Best Debut Performance Award), and "Before Sunrise."   Select TV credits include "Homeland" - (Emmy Award and Artios Award - Showtime Series), "Love And Betrayal: The Mia Farrow Story" (Fox), and "Land of Little Rain" (PBS).  Broadway credits include "Barefoot in the Park," and "Anna Karenina" (4 Tony Nominations). Off-Broadway credits include "Invasion" (Obie Award), "Lie of The Mind" (Artios Award), "The Kid" (5 Drama Desk Nominations) and "Hurlyburly" (Artios Award).



Marilyn Haft is an Entertainment and Digital Media attorney.  She specializes in the business and legal affairs of the multimedia and communication industries, including the film, television, digital and publishing sectors, representing companies as well as individuals in those businesses.


Ms. Haft is also an award-winning independent film producer.  She was the Executive Producer of an Emmy award-winning documentary on Preston Sturges for “American Masters” on National Public Television, and co-produced “Grace is Gone,” the John Cusack movie that won the Audience Award at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. She also co-produced two Sundance films, “Diminished Capacity,” starring Matthew Broderick, Virginia Madsen and Alan Alda, and “Birds of America,” starring and co-produced by Hillary Swank. Most recently, she was a producer of the film, "Handsome Harry," starring Jamey Sheridan, Steve Buscemi, and Aidan Quinn.



Corliss began her career in the field of addiction as an addictions counselor, and she soon found herself training other professionals in the field. Her early career included work as a clinical supervisor, manager, and director of programming.


She later accepted a position as Deputy Minister with the Department of Health, focussing on the development of comprehensive addictions programming for youth and adults in the Yukon Territory in northern Canada.


In her work as a consultant, Corliss has trained addictions counselors, teachers, social workers, and medical professionals in skills that would assist them in their work with clients for whom alcohol and drug use had become problematic.

Corliss Burke

Dr. Frances L. Brisbane is a retired Dean and Professor of the School of Social Welfare, SUNY - Stony Brook. She also served as Dean of the Black Alcoholism and Addictions Institute, co-sponsored by the National Black Alcoholism and Addictions Council in Washington, D.C. and The Morehouse Research Institute of Morehouse College.
Dr. Brisbane is co-founder of "Counseling and Treating People of Colour: An International Perspective," a conference that discusses health, mental health, substance abuse, AIDS, violence, and education across cultural lines. She developed Project HOPE(ful) – a Spiritual Healing and Recovery Program used nationally in substance abuse and mental health treatment programs. 

Dr. Brisbane has written several books, including two for the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP). In 1999, the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services featured Dr. Brisbane, as one of eight New York women, on a poster titled: "An Extraordinary Century for Women."


Ph.D., M.S.W.

Frances Brisbane

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